I refer to my art as “Fibergarten” as it evokes the joy and creative energy that we all possess as children. Nuno felting truly resembles finger-painting, although with silk, wool, yarn and other textiles. I love the endless experimenting with color, texture and design. I have always had an appreciation for functional and wearable art. I learned the craft of sewing, knitting, crochet and needlework as a child and derive great pleasure in creating for myself and others. As a student, I took any art class that I could fit into my schedule, leading to opportunities to produce several large sized murals. I am fortunate to have an artist sister, who took me under her creative wing as a kid. We continue to seek time for “maker” weekends together whenever possible.

My products often utilize locally sourced, hand dyed wool and recycled materials to make scarves, vests, hats, booties, drum beaters, pouches and purses. I offer personal lessons and small group workshops.

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