Even as a child I always loved to draw and could often be found outside my house in North London, England creating pictures in chalk on the sidewalk.  Not feeling sufficiently talented to pursue a career in art at that time I became a mechanical engineer and spent almost thirty years of my career generating pencil drawn engineering drawings.  The advent of computer aided drafting finally put an end to my pencil work in engineering, but, shortly before that occurred I was introduced to a book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”.  The book had a huge influence on my artistic capabilities and provided the spark I needed to re-ignite my interest in artistic drawing.  I began once again to produce pencil drawings, initially in graphite pencil, and later also in colored pencil.  My artwork has since won National and International Awards and has been hung in New York Galleries including the prestigious Salmagundi Club, one of the oldest art organizations in the U.S.  Now retired and living in Grass Valley it was a great pleasure to be invited to become a member of the Banner Mountain Artisans in 2016.  I look forward to meeting you at the Banner Mountain Artisans Annual Art Show and Sale in November of each year.

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