I call my art “Nature’s Treasures” as it is inspired by and composed of the best nature has to offer. My design process begins with a careful selection of the gourd “Nature’s Canvas”, and then I let the gourd’s size, shape and texture dictate its evolvement. I am passionate about the natural earthiness of the gourd. In their raw state they are usually black with mold and encrusted with mud. Scrubbing the gourd unveils the beauty of the skin, which I enhance with leather dyes, acrylic paint, watercolor pencil and pyro-engraving.

My designs involve cutting the gourd and cleaning out the seeds and webbing inside to create a useable container. Embellishing the gourd to bring out its personality is my favorite part and might include beads collected from my travels, stones, driftwood, or shells gathered from my walks or hand-dyed pine needles gathered from my forest. Each gourd is an original creation that represents my life long love affair with nature. I know the one you choose will enhance and warm a special place in your environment and bring to mind your own connection to the grandeur and wonder that is Mother Nature.

Tricia Burbank is a native of California residing in Penn Valley.

She has taught art and fine crafts for many organizations throughout her 30+ years as an artist. She is originally from Southern California where she owned an art and craft store where teaching others to find their own creative expression was her passion. Her work can be seen in various fine gift stores and galleries as well as popular juried art shows in Nevada and El Dorado Counties.