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Some comments from our customers:

Wonderful! I’ll be back tomorrow!
Excellent Show! So many talented people! See you next year!
We found some treasures and lovely presents.
You did a good job in advertising.
There’s so much creativity and talent under one roof.
Very nice. I’m impressed.
I loved the variety of items and the high quality.
I love that you’re all local talent.
Very impressive show – I’ll come next year!
There was very good variety and everything seemed to be high quality.
Eye Feast/Eye Candy
WOW! Lots of amazing artists.
I come every year. My favorite Holiday Show of all of them. So much talent in one place.
“I won a gift basket and I didn’t even have to pay to enter!”
Wonderful representation of enormous talent and skills and passions of the artists.
Fabulous! I love supporting local talent.