I was born and raised north of Los Angeles, California. I graduated from College with my Degree in Nursing and practiced nursing full time for 40+ years, most of this time, as a Nurse specialist in private practice. I had always been an art collector and having my own business and a number of staff freed up much of my time and allowed me to pursue my interest in creating various forms of art. Remaining in the LA area, my husband and I raised 3 sons.

When our last son went off to college, and as life events required some change, we relocated to Nevada. It was there I discovered a strong interest in the art of glass fusion. I studied glass design and techniques and found my passion and my success exploded as I designed functional and artistic fused art.

Several years later after a longing to be back in beautiful California, I relocated to Northern California’s Sonoma County where I continued my education in this medium and was subsequently invited to show my work at a number of Galleries and Wine country related Venues.

Now retired and a new resident of Nevada City, I continue my growth and focus expanding into other dimensions of glass art and design. My newer works emphasize not only pieces that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of people and emotions, but those which embrace the splendor of the environment in which we live and all of nature’s colors and glory.

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