After painting for years with, and around, a tremor in my hands, a few years ago 1 started using Yupo, a plastic material that lends itself to abstraction and suited my style. I always thought 1 would return to at traditional watercolor style and paper if I was able. Well…2019 brought big changes for me, first a skiing accident where I broke my dominant hand/wrist, then two elective brain surgeries to improve my tremor.

So here I am, still in love with painting on the “white board” surface of Yupo even after my wrist has healed and my tremor lessened. The vibrant, clean colors sit on the surface, and the measured use of water enable me to create my interpretation of the subject. Flowers took on more importance this year as I found drawn to the shapes and clear hues of many arrangements. Imaginative landscapes also found their way in my repertoire of work, rather than a literal depiction of the world. My latest project is painting rather small, whimsical pictures of old, well-loved cabins in the small mountain community where we spend summers.

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