Debi Savoy, Owner & Crafter

I make my soap locally in Nevada City Ca. All the soap is glycerine base to which I add, Manzanita, Pine, Lavender, Sage, Honey. I also make an exfoliant bar with Yuba River Sand and a 24ct. Gold bar.

The plants have many healing quality and the soap is rich and creamy. My favorite part about the process is going out and gathering all the materials. It is true joy making each bar.
The honey is from a the wonderful McClaury Farms in Grass Valley.

My husband and I moved to Nevada City in 1976 where we built a home and raised two children. After 35 years of working in the area I was able to find more time to re-introduce myself to painting.
I paint in pastel, a pure pigment that bursts in rich color and in oil. I paint plein-air and from my own photos in studio. I studied with Phil Brown and continue to work in a group called Phils Guild. I have won several awards in the area.

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