As a child I was obsessed with creating – drawing, playing with clay, creating 3-D panoramas out of cardboard and paper, and creating things with sticks and stones. I was also obsessed with animals and knew from the time I was 5 that I wanted to be a veterinarian. In high school (back in the day) we had only a few options for art classes and they conflicted with the subjects that I knew I needed to take to achieve the goal of becoming an “animal doctor”, so I put my artistic aspirations aside for the many years it took me to finally achieve that goal.

I never lost my need to create or to appreciate the wonders of creating. After studying with some wonderful teachers, I found the inspiration I needed to get back to my art. Starting with traditional mosaics, I branched into mosaics with polymer clay ang glass and finally into using gemstones (both raw and polished), fossils, shells, bones, ceramic and, well, whatever. My work with objects from the earth grounds me and heals.

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