Doing art work and creating is a passion of mine. I didn’t start doing my art work until after I retired from 25 years of teaching in Penn Valley. My husband gave me my first loom and I gave him a band saw. I think I got the better deal. I love weaving with various types of yarn, but my favorite is chenille because of it’s jeweled colors,softness, and most important, the drape of the finished product. I weave scarves and shawls. Each color and pattern is designed by me and is one of a kind. I also have developed a line of custom colored and pattern cotton dish towels. Each towel that I weave is washed and dried before I put it up for sale. I know that the quality of my product is not only beautiful but useful. I feel that my weaving is special because the hand of the weaver touches yours.

My second passion is flower pressing. Besides making flower cards form the beautiful flowers in Nevada County, I find all kinds of items to embellish with my pressed flowers. My latest project has been embellishing bird houses with dried flowers. Each little bird house I make is unique and colorful, adding a special element to any decor.

I am honored to be part of Banner Mountain Artisans. I look forward to seeing you at our November show.