Beautiful and diverse in nature, color is a part of who I am – I bring it into my art, both in felting and silk painting. Textures and shapes are also reflected in my work as a fiber artist. 

Distinct colors are blended within each individual piece incorporating wool, silk, yarns, bamboo, cheesecloth, and other varied materials into one-of-a-kind wearable and non-wearable items. Wet felting techniques result in nuno felted scarves of fabric, wool and organic materials. 2D and 3D methods become wall hangings and vessels.  Silk paintings begin with white and are then painted abstractly using steam set dyes.

I was hooked after my first felting class. Wet felting flower-making followed and I continue to learn new processes and techniques. The variety and creative freedom I find as a felt maker is unlimited. Silk painting began when an acquaintance was letting go of French silk dyes and a book. Starting with this book and some classes, I began using the steam set dyes. The way the vibrant colored silk dyes flow and interact with luxurious silk fabrics is always rewarding.

Sharing my work with customers at shows and viewing their delight at seeing my work for the first time is gratifying. I love knowing patrons will be living with one of my pieces as part of their lives, long after a show is over.

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