Marie_Moore_2010Marie Moore is a lampwork Artist and instructor who has been working with glass for over 40 years. Marie actually started working with glass when she was in her twenties while working for a company named Illumination Industries located in Sunnyvale, CA. While there she blew 3 arm glass bulbs for Planetariums which would light up the stars.

For the past 20 years Marie has been working with Stained Glass, Fused Glass, and Lampworking which is using glass rods from Italy and oxygen and propane for fuel through a torch.

Marie loves the diversity of working with glass. Stained Glass is considered cold glass. Fused Glass is considered warm glass. And Torch work is one of two ways to work with hot glass. Torch work is more affordable than having a furnace room where large scoops of molten glass are collected to form large items such as lamp shades, art bowls and art forms in many shapes.

Marie also enjoys helping new glass workers become great glass workers through beginning and intermediate lessons.

Marie designs and makes all of her glass beads for her jewelry, special orders and collector beads. She brings her skills of oil painting to lampworking by using glass rods and stringers to make lampwork scenes.

If you are interested in lessons please contact:

Marie Moore
578 Sutton Way, PMB152
Grass Valley, Ca 95945
Home: 530-210-9986