I have been involved in the art world most of my life as it’s how I supported myself for over 30 years. I discovered clay late in life, when I retired and wanted to just play again. I am constantly amazed at the endless possibilities there is with this medium. I am always exploring, creating new techniques, designs and applications. For instance, I have many small flowers in my garden I’d like to cut and make arrangements with, but the stems are too short; so I invented the flower pod—a sculpture that you can fill with water and arrange your short stemmed flowers. I then discovered it would make a nice candle holder, too.  

I do some work on the wheel, but my favorite is hand-building. I mostly work with slabs, and have created several different ways to cut and reconstruct. I play with textures and use glazes that accentuate them. I enjoy doing twisted shapes that show movement.I also do coil and pinch methods as well. I love making teapots and one of my artichoke teapots was chosen by the Kamm Teapot Foundation to be in their collection. I also instruct in hand-building at my home.

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