What a lucky person I am to have discovered my passion. Each day I get to do something I love. My father was a mechanic in a tire plant and did heavy labor in really awful conditions. He wanted me to get an education and use my mind, not my hands, to make a living. He was well intentioned but he kept me from discovering my true passion and talent for many years. A client recently emailed to tell me how much pleasure she gets every time she walks by her madrone sculptured bowl placed near her front entrance. To make beautiful art that is truly appreciated is so fulfilling. I love to find the right piece of wood and follow its natural form and bring out the inherent beauty of the grain and texture. I hope my body will stand up to the work for many years to come. I can’t think of anything better in life than to use my hands to make beautiful works of functional art that will be appreciated for generations to come.

I’ve been working wood for about 18 years. I am self taught and passionate about my art. I let the wood determine the shape, texture, and design. I try to bring out the natural beauty and at the same time enjoy the flaws in each individual piece of wood.

I make handcrafted wood bowls, gallery bowls, floor bowls, vessels, and other functional art pieces. I use a variety of wood available in northern California, including: pines, redwood, laurel bay, madrone, cedar, cypress, sycamore, walnut, white birch, oaks, liquid amber, and various fruit trees. Most of the wood is recovered from storm damage and would otherwise go into a landfill. No trees have been cut down or harvested for the making of these bowls and vessels.

Each bowl and vessel is a handcrafted work of functional art that should last for generations.

R. Dean Nyberg Studio

14941 Applewood Lane, Nevada City, Ca 95959
530 478-1897       Studio/Cell:   415 306-4002
By Appointment Only      rdnyberg.rdn@gmail.com

Galleries and Venues

Spirit Interior Design and Gallery, Truckee, CA
Graton Gallery, Graton, CA
O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA
Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA
Marin Society of Artists Gallery, Ross, CA
Mine Gallery, Fairfax, CA
Marin Arts Walk
Marin Open Studios
Sausalito Art Festival, Seahorse Restaurant
Livewater Surf Shop, Stinson Beach, CA